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Creative Designs

We are providing latest and very creative solutions to design your website, We make it beautiful and well looking for your visitors.

User Friendly

Our first approach to make your website User friendly and easy to use, So your visitors or users can easily navigate to your website.

Secure Website

We choose a unique way to develop your website in all CMS scripts to make it secure from hacking and other malware attacking.

24/7 tech support

We are providing 24/7 free technincal support for our clients, You can get any kind of elp by send us email at info@aesols.com

Your Desired


Arab Emirate Solution (AESOLS) is one of the best Web Development and Web Designing Companies in United Arab Emirate (UAE). AESOLS is dealing with well qualified, well experienced, well-mannered and fast staff in United Arab Emirate (UAE). Due to a lot of experience in the field of Web Development and Designing we are the best website Developer and web designer in United Arab Emirate (UAE). We are deal with all areas of web developing like Client Side Coding, Server Side Coding, Server + Client Side Coding and Database Technology. For Client side Coding we use Ajax, Java Script, jQuery and HTML 5 language which can help us to solved the errors or problems in client side. For Server Side Coding we mostly prefer to use ASP.NET, PHP, JAVA and Python which have the ability to solve the errors or problems in server side. We mostly used Java Script for Client side + Server side scripting because it is easy to modify and read. We are best in Database Technologies like Oracle, MySQL, SQLite and Microsoft SQL Server. We can use many graphic tools to make a perfect design, Image or banners on your page like Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Dream viewer and Visual Studio. We are providing best design according to the GUI (Graphical User interface), so that user can easily interact with your website. You just provide your desires to us and we will try our best to full fill all your desires with in time. We can design or develop as our customer’s desire. We can develop all type of website like e-commerce, Educational, Forum, Social and many more for more information you can see our Portfolio.
What is Website?
A website is the collection of pages which a person can see on internet. If you inter a URL like www.example.com in your browser address bar then a screen come in front of you that is called website. Usually website is the collection of many images, Links, text and animations.
Types of Websites?
There are two types of websites Static websites and Dynamic Websites. Static websites are such types of websites in which user interface is very low. Static websites are mostly developing for small companies or personal use and these are very cheap websites. Dynamic websites are used for client and server side scripting. These types of websites are very expensive and mostly design for user interface. The main examples of dynamic websites are online shopping websites.
Why we need to develop and Design a website?
As we now that today is era of internet and computing technology so websites became necessary for internet appearance. Now a business without a website on internet cannot make progress rapidly due to the great competition in market. If you have well designed & developed website then you can get a great business through internet. So to implement or make appearance our business over internet we need to develop a great websites.
Why people visit on websites?
Now days people are very fond of internet surfing and they try their best to find everything on internet for this purpose they visit many website to fulfill their desire and also get things from popular website. People are visiting on many website for finding information, for online shopping, for entertainment or to get online service. If you are inexperienced then you cannot develop or design your website, for that you have to find the best Web developing and designing company.
Which Language is best for My Website?
There are lots of Languages and tools are available for develop and design a website If you want to develop a website like Google.com and Facebook.com then we will prefer you to use, C, C++, JAVA and PHP language and JavaScript for front end scripting, if you want to make a website like Wikipedia, Yahoo and any e-commerce website then I will prefer you to use PHP language. There are also many other languages like HTML, HTML 5, CSS, Servlet and Python which have their own Paradigms and Functionality.

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